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Meet the Devious Mr. Fleur

<p>The world of Alegr&iacute;a is filled with a diverse group of characters. As the power of the old guard is faced with the rising change of the younger generation, the aristocrats are put to the test. Mr. Fleur is trying to wrangle power into his own hands; can the new generation hold their ground?</p>

Spinning Out on the Double Crossed Wheel

<p>There is a reason that Alegr&iacute;a has become a classic Cirque du Soleil production; featuring an array of unique, thrilling acts, the varied performance seamlessly weaves intricate circus artistry into it&rsquo;s timeless narrative. The double crossed wheel represents the youths defiance of the old guard.</p>

A Merging of Sounds and Genres

<p>Alegr&iacute;a merges a broad set of genres together to create a truly unique musical experience. With a reworked score for the new Alegr&iacute;a, electronic music collides with hard rock guitars and orchestral elements including brass, strings, and even accordions. Experience the classic soundtrack in a new light. </p>

The Synchronized Trapeze Duo

<p>Hanging from side-by-side swinging trapezes, two circus artists perform an intricate set of spins and jumps in this high flying performance. Showcasing a range of forward thinking circus techniques, these artists soar through the air as they defy the laws of gravity.</p>

Flaming Batons Soar Through the Air

<p>What better way to represent the defiant ideals of the youth than through the symbolic juggling of fire. A team of circus artists dazzle the audience as they lob flaming batons through the air, in an insubordinate act of protest against the regressive mindset of their oligarchic society.</p>

A Jagged Set Reflects a World in Flux

<p>Inspired by handcrafted artistry and the elegance of goldsmithing, the ramshackle world of Alegr&iacute;a displays a once vibrant society ravaged by the unstoppable passage of time. This civilization was once wealthy, but time has taken its toll on the kingdom, and people, of Alegr&iacute;a.</p>

A Classic Reimagined

<p>An iconic Cirque du Soleil show is reimagined, as the set, costumes, makeup, music, and plot of Alegr&iacute;a is remixed and reimagined. Discover why this show is so beloved by fans worldwide.</p>

Intricate Costume Design Defines Alegría

<p>Alegr&iacute;a features intricate costumes representing the diverse group of people who inhabit this world. From the ragged glory of the aristocratic old guard to the vibrant, forward thinking costumes of the defiant youth, Algeria&rsquo;s costume work must be seen to be believed.</p>

A Kingdom in Ruins; A Classic Reborn

The classic Cirque du Soleil show has been reimagined for a new generation to fall in love with. A wind of change hangs in the air, as the aristocratic ideals of the old guard are challenged by the revolutionary ideals of a youth in revolt.

Featuring a soundtrack that incorporates an eclectic mix of sonic palates and stunning feats of circus artistry, Alegría earns its reputation as an all-time classic Cirque du Soleil show. Stunning costume design and vibrant sets allow you to fully immerse yourself in this kingdom on the verge of revolutionary change.