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An inspiring story about greatness

Experience an explosive live-show where the stadium’s electric atmosphere meets the theatre’s intimacy.

Promising to be an explosive, fan-fuelled live show, MESSI10 by Cirque du Soleil acrobatically uncovers the athleticism, devotion and brilliance that bridges sports and circus, by celebrating the exceptional talent and skills of the greatest footballer of our time, Lionel Messi.

There’s a number 10 inside us all

The show’s most iconic character is, in fact, not one single character, but portrayed by ten exceptional artists and athletes with a set of unique talents and strengths, that embody the message behind each skill represented in the show. These 10 are accompanied by a cast of 46, all aligned skill-by-skill, scene-by- scene throughout the defining moments of each act of the show, highlighting the path to greatness.
There’s a number 10 inside us all from the show Messi 10

Reimagined soccer field

In this show a unique environment was created so that fans would undoubtedly associate with going to see a game of football, the set was designed so that, after entering the stadium through the two tunnels, the audience has an unobstructed 360 degree view, especially of their rival fans in the opposite stands. Spectators will recognize iconic football features like the lines of the pitch, the center circle and full-sized goals, yet abstract and not as they have seen them ever before.
Reimagined soccer field from the show Messi 10

Latest trends with a bit of Cirque

The inspiration was to create a universe that can be familiar and exciting for two different audiences – the football fans and the circus fans. There are colors, patterns and gradients borrowed from the world of football to help reflect the energy and attitude of the sport, but this is a Cirque du Soleil show; a parallel world where the designs are bigger, bolder and where usual boundaries don’t apply.
Latest trends with a bit of Cirque from the show Messi 10

The new era: gaming and digital world

Many of Messi’s younger fans discovered him outside of the televised matches and away from the real-life field of play. A celebration of those who discovered him through the world of gaming and a demonstration of what can happen when man meets machine. A customized six-axis industrial robotic arm takes center-stage among her human counterparts, as she is accompanied by an artist of incredible prowess in this altered world of gaming reality
The new era: gaming and digital world from the show Messi 10

Crazy interruption, be careful with the streaker

There’s always that one guy, the distractor of attention, showing up to steal the limelight when you least expect it. He’s cheeky, in more ways than one, and, as on TV, the crowd will be thankful that some well-placed pixels are protecting his modesty.
Crazy interruption, be careful with the streaker from the show Messi 10

Have you ever seen one?

The pitch-side experts take their role to the extreme with their tailored ‘turf’ suits and microphone headsets. They’ve commentated many performances, but none that will trigger their passionate vocabulary quite like what they witness on this stage.
Have you ever seen one from the show Messi 10

Meet The Cast & Crew!

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