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Laugh Like Never Before

<p>Meet Baby Francois, a newborn of unprecedented size, and watch him learn and play. The world of <em>Mystère</em> is one of discovery and imagination, and what better lense to view it through than the eyes of a baby!</p>

Imagination Takes Flight

<p>Two bodies work as one in this elegant straps duo act! Watch as these acrobats gracefully soar above the stage, with their bodies working as one in a gravity defying spectacle.</p>

Up And Down On The Bungee

<p>Up and down, up and down; this hypnotic bungee act will have you enthralled in the kinetic movement of our acrobats as they glide through the air. The elasticity of the bungee creates a unique high flying act; let your imagination soar.</p>

The Colourful Costumes of Mystère

<p>Mystère is a playground where your wildest fantasies are brought to fruition, from strange creatures and high octane acrobatics to intricate, vibrant clothing. Discover the costumes of Mystère, and enter a fantastical world where the clothing is only limited by what you can imagine.</p>

Our Acrobats Take Flight

<p>Flipping and flying through the air, our acrobats dangle and dip from the trapeze in this high altitude act. Watch as they catch each other at great heights, and see what happens when unbridled creativity is allowed to manifest.</p>

The Music Of Mystère

<p>The music of Mystère is infectious. From the rhythm of the Taiko drums to high flying acts built around percussion instruments, Mystère takes you on a tour of the sounds that exist in this magical world!</p>

Mystère: Laugh along with life

Inside the imagination is a playful place to be. This world is a jaunty, music-filled adventure bright with color and athleticism.

Heart-pumping acrobatics, curious characters and gut-busting gags abound. It’s a joyous funhouse…and you’re at the front door.

Come on in and join the world of Mystère.

Meet The Cast & Crew!

Get to know the cast & crew of Mystère on social where they share amazing, acrobatic moments and more - on and off stage!

Pratical Info


90 Mins

What is Mystère?

An intense sensory experience, Mystère features constant motion, high-energy acrobatics, evocative dances, colorful costumes and vivid lighting.

How long is Mystère?

Mystère is 90 minutes long with no intermission.

Is Mystère appropriate for children?

Mystère is for children of all ages. Children under the age of 1 must remain on a parent or guardian’s lap for the duration of the performance. Children over the age of 1 must purchase a ticket even if the child will be on a parent or guardian’s lap during the performance. Please note that moments of loud noises and darkness used during the show may frighten some children.

Will there be Mystère merchandise available?

Mystère merchandise may be purchased at the boutique at Treasure Island.

How can I meet the artists of Mystère?

Coming soon. Guests of our Mystère In The Wings VIP Experience enjoy a meet & greet and professional photo with Mystère artists before the show. This would be the only opportunity to meet with artists.