R.U.N The First Live Action Thriller

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75 min


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What is R.U.N

R.U.N is a lean 75 minutes of throw downs, pyro, scraps, car chases, melees, motorcycle tricks and free-for-alls. Oh, and there’s a whole lotta fighting, too! It’s a race through the darkest parts of a Las Vegas that isn’t quite our own, one back-alley brawl at a time. Only a talented dude like Robert Rodriguez could have made up a story this wild. Add to that the best of the best in live shows—Cirque du Soleil—and have it all directed by that crazy Masked Singer guy Michael Schwandt, with badass music by Tyler Bates… What a recipe!

What is R.U.N’s story?

OK, so we’re in Vegas, or somewhere that looks like it anyway, and for some insane reason (that you will get eventually) I need to get into this church and break up a wedding. And as luck would have it, also attending this fancy wedding are way too many goons to count.

Long story short, it’s downhill from there. The usual action thriller stuff: bike chases, gang fights, guys on fire, plot twists… and then more chases, fights, explosions... You get the drift.

Are You In?

Is R.U.N family friendly?

R.U.N is intended for mature audiences aged 13 and older. It contains cinematic stunts and combat, performances that push the boundaries of human endurance (that might have you squirming in your seat) and just about everything your parents ever told you not to do or say.

Where can I see R.U.N?

R.U.N is shown at the Luxor Hotel & Casino, in Las Vegas. Get more information on available tickets and showtimes in the ticket section above.

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